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Beginner's Guide to Viking Mastery
by Sehnder
Helpful hints for new players having trouble getting in the viking groove....
Secret Hammer Locations
by CoolJosh3k |
For each stage there is a breakable wall, that contains Thor's Hammer. Thor's Hammer adds a blue aura that, when you take damage, is released as a spread of 8 radial projectiles. These kill most enemies on contact. If you obtain another Hammer while yo...
Boss Guide
by NukeHP
Methods for quickly and safely killing each boss....
So you want to speedrun Volgarr, eh?
by ThatStarwarsGuy
This is a compilation of all the general gameplay tricks I know to help you play a little bit faster. Volgarr doesn't have much in the way of things you can do, but the things you can, can shave off MINUTES from you standard game completion. It's crazy....
Guía de Logros - Volgarr the Viking
by hokurinn 闇
Guía en español de los Logros de Volgarr the Viking. Aquí veremos como desbloquear cada uno de ellos, a su vez de los ocultos y algunos consejos y mecánicas a considerar....
Achievement : Thor's Blessing
by Joe Batard