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Spice Prices
by Draptor
The min and max price for spice....
Killing Epics In Creature Stage
by BlandBaracuda
This guide will explain how to kill epics in creature stage and get the 'Epic Killer' achievment....
Какой путь выбрать или Философии этапа "Космос"
by ๑۩۞@MarkKronen@۞۩๑
В данном руководстве я расскажу вам о стилях игры, которые вы можете выбрать по мере прохождения и расскажу их "фишки"....
Advanced Creature Creation
by RabidPistachio
This is a continuation of the "Creature Creation Basics" by me. This guide will show more advanced techniques to help create that perfect creature....
Creature Creation Basics
by RabidPistachio
This guide describes basic techniques to help new members of the Spore Community make the creatures they want....
How to install mods on spore!
by Ponyboy II
Modding in spore!...
Evolution Stages 1-5
by Haunter
(Note: This is not mainly based on the DLC, I just don't play the ordinary Spore, I have GA, but this guide WILL work for normal Spore) Here i will explain one of the biggest parts of Spore: Evolving your Creature from cell to space, and how to achieve d...
How to get to the Galactic Core
by Schnarf
To reach the Galactic Core, you will need... > Interstellar Drive 5 > Extreme Health > Extreme Energy Storage > 10-20 Repair Mega Pack > 10-20 Repair Pack > 4-5 Energy Mega Pack > Mega Auto Blaster (optional) Pick the right wormhole that will ...
[SPA/ENG] Space traits / Arquetipos espaciales
Here you will learn how to get the different unique space traits ( Warrior , Shaman , Zealot , that kind of stuff) For your way to play ....
У кого не пишется имя для сущевст/техники
by Element_Animation
Я нашел решение и оно не требует патчей...
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