XBeHaVEX Dec 26, 2013 @ 2:28am
my opinion about Sixense Perceptual Pack "Steam Support Must Read This"
hello everyone i've noticed that all people mad that they can't delete the game from thier library so my idea why not steam update the game & let us play it with mouse cause we really want to finish this pack cause we love this awesome game , all steam need to do an update & it's ok & no one gets mad cause he can't delete it from his library ! , do you agree gamers ?
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‏‏ Jan 25 @ 11:14am 
" for exclusive use with the Creative Senz3D depth and gesture camera, which is required to play this title"

Not Steam's fault for ignring the store pae
XBeHaVEX Jan 25 @ 12:52pm 
i see , thanks for the infos , but at least they add option to delete it from games list
R1cka Feb 3 @ 10:54am 
So sad, if need have Senz3D, i think they should not write, what this game is free. Its total lye, if i wana play this game i have pay 200 money. Fucck it.
R1cka Feb 3 @ 10:58am 
I hope so Valve for that ♥♥♥♥ got alot losses for money. coz nobody buy this camera.
XBeHaVEX Feb 3 @ 11:51am 
R1cka yes you are right so if they don't make it work with mouse at least they delete it from our library
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