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Excommunicatus Mar 31, 2014 @ 5:11pm
Evade the Haunt = Have to Take as Follower?
And another rules question for the Rules Gurus:

I drew the Haunt on a woods space while I had the Pixie as a follower. I decided to Evade, but the game still slapped the Haunt on me as a follower. The Haunt says that if you do not defeat it you must take it as a follower, sure (so yes, even a Stand-Off is "not defeating", I get that part), but shouldn't Evading treat it as if I never had encountered the card at all?

To my thinking (which, yeah, isn't always what the rules-writers were thinking), an Evade would *prevent* an encounter - I saw 'em coming and ducked out of the way before they noticed me, so no encounter takes place. Which then would mean we didn't have to see if I defeated the Haunt or not - we just pass as the proverbial two ships in the night.

Where, oh where is my thinking gone astray of the rules on this, O Gurus, or did I find a bug with the Haunt?
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shenanigans Apr 6, 2014 @ 7:08pm 
From TDE rules on evading (http://www.talisman-game.com/talisman-digital-edition-manual-uk/#Evading): "The evading character cannot then affect or be affected by the character or creature in any way." This means you should have avoided any effects from the Haunt completely.

However, from "Golden Rules" (http://www.talisman-game.com/talisman-digital-edition-manual-uk/#GoldenRules): "Special Ability vs. Rules: In any instance where a special ability or effect is at a variance with the basic rules, the special ability or effect always overrides the rules."

So, based on a stretch of an interpretation by the golen rule, if you didn't literally kill the Haunt because you evaded combat, "you must take it as a Follower." IE "evading" != "defeating". To me, this is really stretching it since the Haunt card is vague on that or is maybe unexpectedly _too_ literal. I'm not an expert in the rules, this is just my opinion.
Excommunicatus Apr 6, 2014 @ 11:00pm 
I see what you're saying, and agree with you in that being quite a stretch.

By not too much more stretching along the same lines, we could also make the interpretation that any character who didn't even draw the Haunt also "didn't defeat" the Haunt on their turn, thus anyone at any time who didn't draw the Haunt and defeat it must then take it as a follower. Which of course is silly.

I'm certainly not expert in the rules either - not anywhere near some of who I call the Rules Gurus we have around here. But I still think that evading should equal "didn't actually encounter", and so the instructions on the card regarding encountering it shouldn't apply any more than if you didn't land on it, never drew it, or any other way you can think of Not Encountering a card.

I'm thinking this was really just a bug and not supposed to happen the way it did.
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