who cares Mar 28 @ 9:57pm
Teleport spell with poltergeist
Not sure if this is a bug or part of the game rules.

While I have the poltergeist as a follower, I can't cast Teleport at any time. But when getting an Adventure Deck card that offers a teleporting option, it lets me select that option to teleport just fine. I just can't ever cast the Teleport spell while I have a poltergeist as a follower.

Is this a bug or or a game rule?

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Packrat Mar 29 @ 1:52am 
Game rule. Casting the Teleport spell has the prerequisite that you are able to roll for movement, which the Poltergeist prevents. The various Adventure cards with a teleport option do not have this restriction.

If you read the spell cards, some will say "instead of rolling for movement" or "before rolling for movement", while others will say "instead of moving normally". The Teleport spell falls under the former category. Spells with the latter wording are still able to be used even with the Poltergeist, because moving one space at a time is considered normal movement with the Poltergeist.
who cares Mar 29 @ 6:40pm 
Makes sense. Thanks for the explanation, Packrat.
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