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Alpro Mar 21, 2014 @ 10:55am
Monk & Warhorse
Something looks wrong, Monk had strength 3, craft 7 and the Warhorse. Its attack power should be 3+3+7, right? Yet the modifier was +6. The Warhorse card says "craft value", this should the current total, not the starting value, right?
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Nemomon Mar 21, 2014 @ 12:11pm 
Craft value = starting Craft value.
Packrat Mar 21, 2014 @ 3:47pm 
It's a bit confusing because we don't actually use the character cards in the digital version, but in the board game "craft value" refers to the number printed on the character card. The digital version displays your total craft, which in the board game is derived by taking your craft value, then adding the amount of craft counters you've collected, as well as bonuses from objects and followers.
Artaterxes Mar 21, 2014 @ 5:52pm 
Your total Strength and Craft is the following sum:
Total = Value + Counters + Modifiers.

Value refers to the number printed on your character card. In the Digital Edition, click on your character portrait to see it. Your Strength and Craft cannot drop below this value.
Counters refer to "permanent" increases in Strength or Craft, such as those gained by trading trophies or visiting the Enchantress. They are not truly "permanent" because they may be taken away, such as by the Enchantress or Random spell.
Modifiers refer to changes active only while you possess a certain card, such as the Magic Belt at any time or the Sword in battle, or are under the effect of a space or card.

In the Digital Edition, hover the mouse over Strength or Craft and you will see a number (X+Y). X refers to "Value + Counters" and "Y" refers to modifiers (e.g. from objects you carry). If (X+Y) is above your "value" it will be in green, BUT you will have to hover your mouse to see how much is derived from cards you carry (Y) and how much is from your value plus counters (X).

Furthermore, you have to manually calculate "counters" by clicking on a character card, seeing the "value,' then hovering your mouse over the corner display and seeing (X+Y). Take X, subtract your value, and that's how many "counters" you have. This is important when determining how much you can lose when you, say, visit the Enchantress or cast Random.

For instance, your opponent has a Strength of 10. Seems like a great candidate for Random. You hover your mouse over his Strength and you see (4+6). OK, so you know 6 of his Strength comes from cards he's holding, so that won't be affected by Random. Then you click his character card, and see he has a "Strength value" of 2. So 4-2 = 2 Strength that he could lose from Random or similar effects. If he was the Warrior (Strength value 4), he would lose nothing from Random.
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