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AFatalPapercut May 25, 2016 @ 11:45pm
Event Ideas
I think it would be cool to have an event where a player develops a grudge with another. You can only score points for the team if you kill that particular person. You can wound another player's grudge but if you score the final hit it either doesn't count, counts for less, or subtracts points.

Another idea would be something like Hot Potato, where a random player or a player on each team is given an item they don't want and need to pass to the opposing team. The item is poisoned or something so you have an incentive to get rid of it asap. You could pass the item to another by killing them in melee and scoring a few points or teams could score double points by making one player hold both items (which could cause some sort of an explosion damaging all nearby players ;) ;) ) Or a different take on it, the Items could drop upon death (like the pink orbs do) and teams would begin losing points until another person picks one up which would then halt the point loss. Another, probably easier scoring system for the same mode could be at the end of a timer the team that held the bad item(s) the longest loses that event. How you might handle ties I don't know yet lol.

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Nelly May 26, 2016 @ 1:07am 
I like that grudge idea! Another quick idea adding to that: How about everyone gets a grudge against one person in the enemy team? When you have a grudge against someone, you have to land the final hit on him/her. So whichever team makes the kills in right order (killing their grudge targets first), wins. Have to think further about it, just rough idea.

About the hot potatoe, we wondered before if you can ever make Weasel throw his speed hat right on an ally's head (with proper aiming). If that's possible to create anytime (now or after engine switch), then one could take the same move - just on enemies. Throwing the hot potato at an enemy, he can fend it off by hitting it via melee or range, then it boomerangs back to nearest ally. So you have to throw it at him from behind, the rear or when he doesn't notice it. Might be possible thanks to the chaotic battles.
Secondly, I like this explosion idea... :D How about the potato itself can pick up damage? You throw the potato at an enemy and then start to hit him, filling the potato with explosion powers. The enemy can toss it back at you, so you better watch out who has it last. The one who holds the exploding potato loses.
AFatalPapercut May 26, 2016 @ 9:21am 
With the Grudge idea, yea I was actually thinking everyone on the team gets a grudge with an enemy. I thought about 1 person getting it per team but that'd basically be the King Me! mode, Grudge would be the kind of the same thing just multiplied as everyone is someone else's target.

I like that idea about throwing the "potato" around like Weasel's hat and being able to deflect it and such. I didn't even consider it working like the hats. I also think the idea about the "potato" building up damage over time is a great one. The only issue I can think of are the players who might hold onto it until the last second and chuck it at someone else giving the other person no chance at all to react...I think the potato damaging the player while they hold it, and/or a timer counting how long each team is in possession could alleviate that a good bit though.

Thinking about it further the hat/potato idea is also a good way of highlighting a character's skillset through an event that somewhat favors them (In this case Weasel) Competitively those Weazel-centric players would already be quite skilled at landing perfect headshots (if we were able to attach hats to enemies in the future), leading to chaos in a good way. Newcomers would have a way of playing an event that uses a mechanic that is somewhat similar to a character's skill, thus building up their own skill level without really knowing it's happening. When they play Weazel for the first time after playing another they might be somewhat decent at using the hat skill if they played the event prior. Of course you'd have to also think of other events that could showcase the other character's skills in the way this one would be similar to how Weazel Hat Throw works. They'd just have to change certain things up a bit with how the event plays so as to not make the entire event play exactly like one character's skill (that'd be lame lol) but just similar enough that it's building proficiency.

Going with the fairy tale theme the potato could be a...poisoned apple ;) ;)
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