Jeklynn Heights

Jeklynn Heights

₹GemmaFaye₹ May 25, 2016 @ 12:36pm
Jeklynn Heights Bugs / Suggestion
First of all i just want to say what you guys have here has shaped up to be a great game.

However these are some of the things i have noticed since playing.

(P) = Problem (S) Suggestion

(P) Server Lag, I have noticed you have put up a post stating that we need to give you a week or so to get used to how the servers are holding up and i appreciate that, They are however at the moment of writing this very unstable especially in the EU.

(S) The ability to change character mid game would be nice, Once you die go to a character change screen so you can choose to keep the same or change it.

(P) Some of the tasks set are very one sided from what i have played so far. For example I was playing on the slums team and all of the tasks set where to fetch items from one side of the map and return them to the other, This for me seems at the moment very one sided due to the fact that getting over there is not the problem getting back is due to the distance needed to travel back and how easy it is for the other team to gang up on you and take you down quickly. I feel that the tasks should be an equal task for example the tasks that i did do where you have to control a point in the middle of the map and the task where each team had a murderer.

(P) I do not know if this was due to lag but one task i encountered was getting gems from the mine i have the gems and was heading back to the rabbit hole where i was stood and they did not drop off loosing us that task due to me getting killed and dropping the gems.

(S) Most of the PvP is close combat i have found due to the ranged attacks being a currently poor option the characters move around very quickly so the chance of actually hitting a character is very low, Maybe modifying the ranged attacks so that they have a wider spread so that option of attack is more viable.

These are some of the things that have sprung to mind after playing a few games today, I also understand that not everyone will agree to these but they are problems and suggestions that i feel would make you game better.

Keep up the great work though, You have a game here which you should be very proud of.
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ryan  [developer] May 25, 2016 @ 12:47pm 
Thanks for the instant feedback - I'll address each point.

- Server lag we are continuing to monitor. It's just one of those things we really couldn't address until this was public. We are going to look at what we can do on our end, in correlation with our dedicated server hosting!

- Valid feature which has been brought up to us before. It would involve updating UI/scoreboard/chat icons on the fly, so I am not sure how easily it could be done. But if it's requested a lot definitely will look into.

- I want to monitor the events and see how they play out with fuller games. Some are definitely one sided if it's 1v1 or even 3v3 situation. Will look at how this week plays out and make decisions.

- For the Mine Event, you have to be out of combat in order to turn in the ore. I believe the time is 10 seconds without being attacked. We can play with this number.

- I might try increasing the ranged speed of projectiles - I agree 100% on this.

Once again thanks for the instant feedback, we'll be patching things up!
Nelly May 25, 2016 @ 2:31pm 
Thanks for this feedback! I also agree on most points, just want to throw in: Some event objects has to be put into the rabbit holes. This won't work as long as you are in combat. So to prevent players dropping stuff, you can shoot them from distance. Same with recovering hp if you are flagged as King or Murderer and want to recover. If spread of ranged is widen, shouldn't be too much because then it might be "too" easy to mess up enemy's drops or recovery rates. Otherwise top suggestions.
AFatalPapercut May 25, 2016 @ 11:17pm 
1) I personally didn't experience much of any lag in the US, East Coast or on the different servers we were playing on.

2) I second this notion on balance alone. Being able to switch characters on the fly (with maybe a countdown?) to counter the makeup of the opposing team would be nice. 3v3 was pretty chaotic at times (in a good way) and 5v5 gets crazy I hear, so I imagine it gets crazier depending on how many of each character is on each team as well. It'll definitely have to be a feature when ranking, stats and progression is implemented later. People don't want to earn an L for switching characters lol, but for now that's irrelevant.

3) This was quite prevalent in the 1v1 match I played. Maybe curb the system choosing the events to pick from a list of 1v1 friendly events and the more time consuming, distance related objectives are utilized by 3v3 and up in addition to the 1v1 modes?

4) You guys pointed this one out to me while playing but I feel it might need a better indicator in-game to let the player know they can't return an item at that moment. For example, a newer player joining a random server wouldn't know they could shoot from afar to stop the return, but now that I do...heh heh heh.

5) Forgive me for not remembering the names, but I only suck shooting with the shaving cream character lol. Shooting the shaving cream blobs out and blowing those up though is a nice idea and can really damage people in the mines. The other 2 characters I have absolutely no problem with ranged combat. One shoots bouncing balls that are quite forgiving in their reach that stick onto players, the female character's ranged attack is quite lethal. When in doubt, circle strafe like the good ol' days. I do feel that the shaving cream guy's ranged attack is a little hit or miss in feedback for the player and effectiveness as compared to the others. But that ability to shoot the placed blobs for extra damage is quite effective I must admit I just miss them a lot too.

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ryan  [developer] May 25, 2016 @ 11:22pm 
Thank you! Hear you on all those points. I'll take a stab at making the shaving cream ability a bit more reliable. I've always felt it was too random.

We'll brainstorm ways to make the being out of combat clearer for the Mine Event. If you have any suggestions let me know! Perhaps the ore over the head could be blinking while in combat?
ryan  [developer] May 28, 2016 @ 7:45pm 
Our upcoming build will feature changing teams/characters in the middle of the match. More information to come!
Nelly May 29, 2016 @ 3:29am 
I like this a lot :)
₹GemmaFaye₹ May 29, 2016 @ 6:18am 
Looking forward to this too. Thank you
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