City Builder Sep 29, 2013 @ 3:22pm
FCT - Really High speed downloads?
So I had a six month FC T high-speed download available in my account and so I decided to finally activated as I've had it for a few years now without using it.

However, I'm wondering if their idea of high-speed downloads is different from the general populations idea of what high-speed downloads are and whether they actually work as intended or not.

So I'm downloading some locomotives some rolling stock and some routes and while the content manager is telling me that it's downloading at something like 750 Mb per second if I watch what it's actually downloading (an item that the content manager says is about 346 kb), it's taking ages to download something that is only 346 kb when it's telling me that it's downloading at 750 Mb per second

This leads me to believe that it is inaccurate to say the least, to download something that is only 346 kb should take barely a second if it's truly downloading at 750 Mb and sometimes it tells me that it's downloading at over 1 Gb per second.

My Internet download speeds are rated for over 5000 Mb per second and I often achieve anywhere between 6000 and 7000 when downloading from steam.

So I'm wondering if their content manager and the whole first-class ticket situation isn't just faulty, if not faulty certainly irritating.
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DARTH HAHAHA! Nov 29, 2013 @ 5:11pm 
The whole download thing is irratating. Not only do things take forever to download (with or without FCT), but half the time the content doesn't work, or has some missing asset that has to be downloaded off a club website. I recomend just downloading items off of a Trainz fan content website, then install it using CMP. It's a ton faster.
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