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GorMorgul 2012年12月28日 5時23分
Graphic Problems
Hello ppl,
i bought trainz 12 yesterday but im having issues with the video, when i try to play with steam loco's the video start to freeze, also it takes a long time to load the scenery, i have the graphic settings in high,
please tell me if there's anyway to improve the graphics in the game,
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Drone 2012年12月28日 21時36分 
Bump this question to the top matey, Your not alone i have found this to be my issue as of current as well and have owned for the past week..

GorMorgul 2012年12月28日 23時39分 
my system: athlon II X4 2.60Ghz, windows7, 4gb RAM, ati 5770HD video card,
when i play in DirectX mode the cockpit instruments dont load (they appear blurry), and when i play in OpenGl mode it takes too long to load surfaces and scenery and also freezes randomnly specially with steam locos ;
plz tell me if there is some video setting or something to fix this!!
Drone 2012年12月29日 0時08分 
Ok so apparently this is not a one or two person issue, seems to be almost everyone buying this game... i think steam needs to fix or reimburse?!, Preferably fix
kenundrum 2013年1月21日 15時45分 
Really? Only 2 people bought this game? And everyone, a.k.a. both of them are having problems?
bryanwillberry 2013年1月29日 2時48分 
Mine is the same slow graphics useless in its present form
{MF} Mr. Potato Head 2013年3月27日 13時59分 
So sounds like lf i buy this game it is an outdated version and wont play well or look well.
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