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Популярні посібники Steam Написані посібники, рекомендації та проходження
Voices from beyound. Translation of rætik runestones.
автор lil' ol' littel
"Secrets of Rætikon" has many mysteries to ucover. One of them is runstones. They're found all across the levels and can be translated using collectable runes. In this guide i'll translate them for you, if, for some reason, you don't what to uncover ther...
Achievement guide / Руководство по достижениям
автор Doomer
Инструкция по получению всех достижений. Instruction for all achievements....
STUCK?! Here's the fix.
автор maxus
How to get unstuck when you're stuck in a part of the scenery in Raetikon and don't want to lose your precious precious save game....
Object Stuck in Background ? Here's a fix.
автор Sprawl
A small guide on how to unstuck important objects from the scenery....
Rune letter Translation.
автор Daniel
SPOILER ALERT: The translation of all the Rune letters in the game. Those can be used to translate the rune stones in the game. ...
Rune Locations
автор Psymon²
This guide provides a short description for the location of every hidden rune. Pictures of each rune are included. I've given each rune two parts; screen and surroundings. Some have a third part; a tip for how to reach it....