Plague Inc: Evolved

Plague Inc: Evolved

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Bring your deadliest ideas to life
Hit the lab and explore custom disease types and worlds created by the Plague Inc: Evolved community. Design your own scenarios in-game with the Plague Inc: Evolved Scenario Creator.
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Recent Announcements
Minor update 1.13.2
  • Updated main menu UI
    This now includes details for those interested in Plague Inc: the Board Game, as well as some tidying up of other pop-ups.

  • Scenario Creator fix: Missing tech numeral overlays
    Fixed an issue where tech numerals were displaying incorrectly.

  • Scenario Creator fix: Outcome variables causing crash
    Fixed an issue which was leading to a crash when tinkering in the Events Lab.

  • Scenario Creator fix: Fixed Shadow Plague transmissions value bug
    Now your custom scenarios can transmit the Shadow Plague to your heart’s content.

    Plus additional minor text clean up.

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