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PapaSmurf Nov 28, 2013 @ 6:38pm
Why no local co-op yet?
well, why not?. it is so essential to this game that it doesnt make sense for me to not have it yet. I bought it with the intention of local multiplayer but now they expect me to buy mulitple copies and play on 2 PCs?
I'm probably going to ask for a refund if this doesnt get put in, a real shame
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Osten Nov 28, 2013 @ 7:04pm 
To my knowledge, they never promised local coop.
On PC's that's pretty rare anyways, yes there are games that support it... but a typing game?

I never understand why people don't do research before using their money, so as for the refund; Good luck with that.
THE RENEGADE Nov 28, 2013 @ 7:28pm 
Well, seeing how it's falsely advertised as including the 'full and faithful' ps3 version of house of the dead (a local two player game).. what are people supposed to believe??
blznblzn2 Nov 28, 2013 @ 9:42pm 
osten , you're in the wrong, but im too thanksgiviny drunk to explain why atm
PapaSmurf Nov 29, 2013 @ 3:13am 
I could easily get a refund i think due to the false advertising on the store page. also why is it hard to plug in an extra keyboad? to me it seems kind of rediculous that this game came out without local co-op. EVERY HoTD game before this one, including the previous versions of this one have had LOCAL COOP right out of the gate.
PapaSmurf Nov 29, 2013 @ 4:19am 
I already own the Wii version, i literally only bought this version so my mate and i can sit next to eachother typing in a fit to survive. I agree i should have checked the store page multiplayer information but to be fair it says 'singleplayer', so that's not very accurate at all.
Samady Nov 29, 2013 @ 6:56am 
really co-op on a pc dual keyboards, join the real world please
PapaSmurf Nov 29, 2013 @ 7:20am 
Originally posted by samadylieu:
really co-op on a pc dual keyboards, join the real world please
i really dont get why this is strange, how is it difficult in the slightest?
Osten Nov 29, 2013 @ 9:21am 
It's not difficult at all, but it's not common at all either.
Just because they could does not automatically mean they should.

And unless you want to fund further development or create a hack,
I suggest you learn what you can and get over it...

Or you might just get lucky; the devs might listen to the 0.000001% of
people that want/use multikeyboard setups.

Ed: Yes, I'm being a♥♥♥♥♥♥
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Cos Nov 29, 2013 @ 11:45am 
I'm disappointed by this fact too. If they want more money, I'd buy local coop feature as a DLC. Playing with a partner on the same PC is a way more fun than on the network. Also - keyboards and mice are rather cheap commodity, so I don't see any problem in getting an extra one left from old PC. There are only a few games that allow such setups, but it's very cool feature.

P.S. It's like a good Chinese dinner,you know, with a sweet and a sour. Expanding on that analogy - The House Of The Dead : Overkill got to PC, that's the sweet. But multiplayer is online only, of course, that's the sour.
Part of the problem is that many applications cannot tell which keyboard a keypress has come from. There are ways but it's not always easy or straightforward.

For example, one very common problem with systems that have multiple keyboards, is that if any keyboard has the Shift key pressed, ALL keyboards act like the Shift key is pressed.

Try it, hook up two keyboards, press Shift on one, and 1 on the other, and you will get an ! instead.

In order to know which keyboard the response came from, you'd need to open the keyboard with Raw Input enabled, and then you'd still need some way to identify the keyboards after that. For example, having two USB keyboards connected at the same time, it's possible the "player 1" keyboard could change, especially if you moved USB ports for any of the keyboards.

It's not impossible. But it's definitely harder than you think. Here's example code on how to do it.
PapaSmurf Nov 29, 2013 @ 5:03pm 
I've set up a thread on the sega forums asking for some official word on whether they're intending to put in local coop or not.
josher_09 Nov 29, 2013 @ 8:55pm 
omg that was you anyway the store page for the game says single player be greatful there is even online multiplayer and refund i dont think so
PapaSmurf Nov 30, 2013 @ 12:16am 
i dont understand why some people are acting like i'm in the wrong for asking lol, i think it's a great feature and so do heaps of others on this forum.
SwissYellow  [developer] Nov 30, 2013 @ 2:41am 
Local Co-op going into Typing Overkill isn't going to happen, sorry. However, We'll add it to the wish list for future projects.
THE RENEGADE Nov 30, 2013 @ 6:57am 
Ok Swiss... and how about in House of the Dead mode?.. so it's not false advertising when it says FULL and Faithful port of Ps3 version?
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