FleetCommand 11 gen, ore 11:51
Mouse pointer misplaced on 16:10 resolutions?

As my screen's native resolution is 1680x1050 (16:10) I set the game's resolution to that. Now the mouse pointer in the menu is somewhat off.
Anyone else experiencing this?
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Zeke 3 feb, ore 6:11 
Yeah, my monitor is also 1680x1050 and I noticed the same thing, and then I noticed that the edges of the screen are cut off.
Quatrix 30 apr, ore 12:43 
Same here, and still not fixed.
JosephD 21 mag, ore 13:12 
Same here, it needs to be fixed!
Zeke 21 mag, ore 17:51 
One post a month is sure to get their attention, r-right?
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