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vbarwick7 27 ott 2013, ore 16:17
wont start
Hey. I get the load page with the new menu, but there seems to be an issue with selecting the game and starting it. It just crashes to STEAM. What happened?
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Specals 29 ott 2013, ore 16:04 
I suggest rebooting Steam. If that doesn't work, well.........find some one better than me XD
MattDementous  [sviluppatore] 29 ott 2013, ore 16:23 
I'd recommend restarting Steam or restarting your computer. If that doesn't work, reply here and I'll keep trying to do all I can to help.
RpTheHotrod Terribad 29 ott 2013, ore 23:32 
I have the same issue. I get the PLAY STOP menu, but if I click PLAY, it just dumps to the desktop. I'm on Windows 7 64 bit, GTX570, 8 gigs of ram.
vbarwick7 29 ott 2013, ore 23:52 
I re installed the game. Seems to work ok now...
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