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Spacebase DF-9 Support FAQ
Hello, everyone! If you are affected by a less-than-fine problem, glitch, crash, or other defect, please check out this here FAQ before posting. Many users are affected by the same problems that have potential solutions or workarounds, which is what this FAQ is all about. If you have read this FAQ and still can’t find an answer for your problem, do a quick search for other threads on the topic here. If that fails, too, then please post a new thread on the problem or email us at

We'll think you're the coolest if you provide us with the following when you contact us:

* A description of the issue.
* Save file in which the issue still occurs, located in \Documents\SpacebaseDF9\Saves\.
* A log file from your last session in which you experienced the issue, located in \Documents\SpacebaseDF9\Logs.
* Your DxDiag, Mac system report, or equivalent document from your computer.

Spacebase DF-9 is doing something strange and random and glitchy and none of the specific things below help, what can I do?

Computers are fickle beasts and sometimes things go wrong. Spacebase DF-9 is also still in active development as an Alpha release, and thus may have issues that will be addressed in future updates. However, there are often there are a few steps you can try that solve many of the random breakages that users encounter. If you post about an issue, very likely we’ll ask you to try one or more of these things first.

* Reboot your computer. It’s a simple thing but it’s amazing how many problems this solves.

* Update your drivers, especially video card drivers.

* Verify the Integrity of your Local Game Cache. You can do this by Right clicking on Spacebase DF-9 in your library, choosing Properties, Advanced, and then clicking the Verify Integrity of Local Game Cache button.

* Remove and reinstall the app.

* Try deactivating heavy background processes like anti-virus or malware scanners. On some computers these programs are so demanding that they significantly interfere with games. If this doesn’t solve your problem, though, be sure to turn your scanners back on!

* You can also try to launch in windowed mode with post effects disabled.
1. Go to \Documents\SpacebaseDF9\Saves (or create it).
2. Open bootconfig.CFG in a text editor such as Notepad (or create it and drop it in the Saves directory).
3. Ensure it contains the following:
{"use_compressed_textures": false, "launch_fullscreen": true, "show_blood": true, "posteffects": true, "window_resolution_w": 1280.0, "voice_volume": 1.0, "window_resolution_h": 720.0, "crash_reporting": true, "use_os_mouse": true, "sfx_volume": 1.0, "autosave": true, "music_volume": 1.0}
4. Change posteffects to false.
5. Change launch_fullscreen to false.
6. Save and try to launch.

Where do I find Spacebase DF-9's save file?

You'll find save data under \Documents\Spacebase DF-9\.

My citizens are behaving like they don't have brains. Why won't they fix/build/mine/cultivate/serve stuff?

A.I. in Spacebase DF-9 is still in progress in the Alpha stages of the game, however your citizens should not be so incapable that they can't maintain your base.

* Make sure there are no obstructions between them and their targets.

* Keep morale high so that they do their best work. Objects such as the monitors and plants, placed around the base, can help improve morale.

The game won't start on Windows.

Here's a potential solution from the community.

Originally posted by ~HoV~SpiritWolfie:
I had this issue after reformatting my pc, and digging around the net didn't do me any good, so say your trying to play the game and it wont launch at all and sits there and does nothing?

It's just like Terrira, the game doesn't bother to install XNA, why ? I have no freaken clue, this installation also doesn't come with windows updates sooo...

Just grab a copy from here
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