giwemi Mar 26 @ 11:20am
Prison Architect in Space?
Can you compare it?
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Armadeo Mar 26 @ 5:46pm 
more like theme hospital in space
VeeKaChu-L7 Mar 26 @ 5:59pm 
I'm getting a strong Startopia vibe from this- so much so, thatt I'm loading that up as we speak!
giwemi Mar 27 @ 12:43am 
Is it recommendable? I like Prison Architect and I also like crowd simulators.
my•glass•eye Mar 27 @ 7:08am 
It's very early days right now. Unless you're a keen DF supporter, and unless you're fine with a bare-bones experience because the game is many, many months from being anywhere near finished (because that's what alpha means) I would put it on your wishlist and wait till it's more of a game.
PEldritch Mar 27 @ 7:30am 
I was totally thinking that just the other day, OP.

Makes me really want some kind of justice system and a hospital in SBDF9.

This game can get pretty bloody as well. Try fighting a parasite with a bunch of low-sec leveled people in close quarters.
[6Fu] meanduck May 6 @ 12:20pm 
Originally posted by Armadeo:
more like theme hospital in space

I was thinking the same thing! Back in the day..... 1997.... *sigh*
Smokey the Bear May 6 @ 1:30pm 
Theme hospital and Prison Architect are both in much more playable states.
Rabite#1208 May 6 @ 1:48pm 
looks like Towns in space.
Mister Bo Jungles May 6 @ 2:15pm 
Spacebase has next to no content and is extremely buggy, Prison Architect is far better and is actually worth the comparable price.
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