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aiming@0% Feb 26 @ 3:01pm
Change Language from german to english?
The german dub is pure horror, makes in unplayable for me. I would like to switch the language to english. Hope the english voice acting is better. Does annybody know if or how that is possible?

I tried right klick --> Preferences already, there is even a Language Tab, but i can't change annything. It's set to german and no Dropdown is available... :(

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Dudeman Oct 4 @ 1:32pm 
I would like to know this too. The german dub is the worst I ever heard...
Dudeman Oct 5 @ 9:34am 
I found a solution. Uninstall the game and set the language to english before reainstalling it. This fixed it for me - though the english voice is terrible too :(
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