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cliffski  [开发者] 2013年11月28日上午10:42
Changing the minister sympathies system...
In the past the ministers 'copied' their opinions from random voters, meaning they were skewed to the current population. I ditched that, and they are now sort-of-random, but obviously still influenced by real-world things, so you get more socialist trade unionists and wealthy capitalists etc.
Anyway... in the next patch, you will find them much more varied... (version 1.11)
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Carl Max 2013年11月28日下午8:03 
Thank you! I always have issues with my ministers who always run away from me.
NimrodX 2013年12月2日上午2:53 
Awesome, thanks. It sounds like it'll be time for me to have another try at this game after the next patch.
SHRIKE 2013年12月5日上午1:36 
cheers needed this
NimrodX 2013年12月29日下午6:54 
This seems to have fixed the issue I was running into. I think that before I would try to pick only people who seemed to agree with my policies, then those people would get exhausted rather quickly, want to quit, and I'd be left with only being able to hire "political enemies" essentially.

Now I can't have such a homonogous cabinet in the first place. While I'm still having to hire people who ought to dislike my policies, and one might argue that a president,etc, wouldn't have to hire people of oppsite affiliation in real life, it seems like being forced to hire some declared oppositional types in the game is a reasonable way of abstracting the general concept of "you can't hire only people who will always agree with you." Basically it's like the concept appears exaggerated in the game, but it's a reasonable way to abstract stuff from real life that's there but not necessarily obvious on the news.
cliffski  [开发者] 2013年12月30日上午11:01 
Cool, glad you approve of the changes, I agree it needed doing.
Fenrir 2014年1月5日上午4:38 
We need more ministers to choose from.
Fenrir 2014年1月5日上午7:40 
Maybe the education system can influence what kind of ministers you get and how many.
animeluver13 2014年1月9日下午7:35 
I'm pretty much brand new and have been massively frustrated by the ministers. A good example from a recent game is the religious and conservative communities were loving me [like basically full happiness bars], but a religious and conservative minister was at very low loyalty. Seems to me like they SHOULD have been my most loyal minister, but instead they're threatening to quit! In that game I was shedding all the ones that should have been my most loyal, and the ones that were staying were the ones that I should have been♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥off. And in the list of available ministers, half the time the most loyal options seem to be the ones that should be against me, at least partially based on the categories they are labeled as.

I've stopped playing with political capital because I just couldn't get the maximum capital high enough to be able to do anything big. If the ministers acted more rationally [they could actually be pleased....] I'd turn capital back on.

So I'm very glad to hear the ministers is being worked on, and I hope they become more rational soon. <3
cliffski  [开发者] 2014年1月12日下午3:00 
The changes described have already been made. Note that some ministers are just naturally more loyal than other (You can see this in their stats before hiring them). It sounds like you had a cabinet full of backstabbing disloyal types, regardless of their sympathies :D
OttoNL 2014年2月15日上午4:43 
Ehm I kinda downloaded this game illegally to check out if it's any good. I love it and wanna buy it, but only if the minster thing works better then in my current game. All advice I have seen in countless topics is absolutely useless in my experience as firing one or more ministers always let's everybodys capital drop to 1 and I get only 13 cap/turn so it always does lots more damage then good.
How high the loyalty is of the people that you hire is irrelevant either as it'll drop to near-zero within 2 turns.

So now my question is basically... If I got the version from Gog (which was somehow out before your 1.11 update) do I have the old un-fixed version or the same version as is on Steam?

Ministers are pretty much making this game unplayable for me and this game already has some flaws so I'm not spending $31,50 if I get the unplayable version :P
Fenrir 2014年2月15日上午5:03 
if your ministers are loyal and have the correct sympathies then it shouldnt drop their loyalty imho. For ex if the minister is a socialist and the rest of your ministers arent then it shouldnt affect their loyal negatively.
NimrodX 2014年2月15日上午6:40 
What I found is that using the "reshuffle" option works a lot better than firing and hiring.
SHRIKE 2014年2月15日下午12:51 
yeah if you reshuffle the whole cabinet that seems to work much better than individual firing and hiring :P
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