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Flint_A Jul 11 @ 4:04pm
Protip: Don't be overly ambitious or you will be crushed...
I just bought both DLCs and installed like 7-8 mods. I started a new game, it gave an error and crashed. I disabled one of the mods and it worked, I could start. I patted myself on the back to congratulate myself on being so smart.

I had political capital disabled(trying to get all the achievements at the moment) so I went on a spree and implemented DOZENS of policies. By the end the screen was just full of stuff. I clicked end turn...

And the game crashed. Not deterred, I loaded an autosave...and it crashed again. All that effort, wasted. Probably because some of those mods do cause trouble with each other, but not immediately.

I need to go bang my head against the wall now...later I'll disable most of the mods and play more sensibly.
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Gikgik Jul 11 @ 4:05pm 
That's right. Play through the official DLCs first, then start playing around with mods.
Flint_A Jul 11 @ 4:07pm 
I'm sure 2-3 mods won't be a problem, especially the ones on the game's website and/or specifically mentioned by the mod developers to work...but you know what, you're right. If I spoil myself I'll just burn out. I should move forward slowly.
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