ENSLAVED™: Odyssey to the West™ Premium Edition
Sun_S 13/nov/2013 às 13:22
Climbing issues? If Monkey won't jump to a certain place, try this
Might be obvious to most players, but seeing a posting here where some mentioned Monkey not making jumps between certain handholds, I thought this might help:
Some handholds are not directly forward/up/to the side, but diagonal from Monkey. If he doesn't react to one of the W/A/S/D keys + Space, press TWO letter keys + Space.
For example, W + A + Space to move diagonally up left, or S + D + Space to go diagonally down right.
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Gerza71 13/nov/2013 às 16:03 
Yes I notice. Thanks for the tip.
BronzyIsland 1/dez/2013 às 21:11 
monkey isnt jumping off the pipe after finishing the mechs in the turret section for me.
the vertical pipe you have to slide down to jump to the horizontal one.
the problem is that his back faces away perpendicular from the pipe he has to jump to.
its crazy.
worst thing of all he can't jump down off of it or go back in the direction he came from where he first arrived to the gun turret he has to control to shoot mechs.

Thanks to the developers for this.
now the character is stuck....better said trapped by too linear design and some weird glitch or port to pc flaw.

yeah, i read the op but i've hit every direction while trying to jump off the pipe including diagonals.
i'm using a gamepad btw.

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BronzyIsland 1/dez/2013 às 22:20 
i followed the op's advice but i had to momentarily drop the gamepad and hit space+w+a and it worked but its a mystery why it did since the pad does diagonal directions during running and ground jumping but not during pipes.
makes me wonder if the devs even bothered to playthrough the pc port of the game using a gamepad.
seems like they didnt if i had to drop it for a sec to use the keyboard.
god i hope i dont have to do that again while in a time limit or the ledge or whatever crumbles away while i'm platforming.

great game though.
enjoying it thoroughly.
Sun_S 1/dez/2013 às 22:51 
Ah, okay? As for playing it with gamepad, I have no idea how well controls there usually work for this game. Glad you could move on though ;)
BronzyIsland 2/dez/2013 às 13:15 
VikingVanny7 15 de ago às 19:06 
Won't work for me with either gamepad or keyboard... grrrrrr
BusyGaming 15 de ago às 23:06 
I'm having trouble on the bridge, I'll try the double letter too, using the keypad. Thanks.
Sun_S 16 de ago às 1:48 
Escrito originalmente por VikingVanny7:
Won't work for me with either gamepad or keyboard... grrrrrr
Oh, bummer :( That must be super annoying ... maybe you can at least get savegames from people who got past the issue? There are websites for this kind of thing ...
freak_rob 17 de ago às 19:29 
I love how the steam community features make it really easy to post videos and pictures, yet all of you try to describe the situations verbally here and nobody gets in what part of the game you are or what the actual problem is...

FYI: I played through the whole thing using only a controller and never had _any_ trouble with it at all. So maybe you shouldn't be looking elsewhere to lay blame and instead focus on why _you_ can't get it done.
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