Lego893 2014年3月13日 6時30分
Is there anything different in the premium edition than the normal ps3 version?
i love this game. i have it for ps3 and i'm wondering if the premium edition has anything new. i read it has Pigsey's perfect 10 but is there anything else? thanks

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dasjojo465 2014年3月13日 10時13分 
Only difference is that it contains the DLC.
Oh and that it has a smoother framerate than the PS3 version.
But the porting work put into the PC-Version isn't that good. It has very limited graphic options. However, since this is a Unreal Engine 3 game it is pretty easy to tweak the .ini files to optimize the graphics. (There are tutorials for that in the internet)

And I would recommend a controler as I heard Keyboard and Mouse controls aren't good. I can't confirm this though as I only played the PC-Version with controller.

I hope this helps.
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Lego893 2014年3月13日 14時35分 
yes it does. thanks
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