ENSLAVED™: Odyssey to the West™ Premium Edition
ubergusterfan Jul 4 @ 5:17pm
Chapter 3 Bug - Need Help
So I'm probably about 1/2 way through chapter 3. I just got to the part where you have a mech with a gun arm that you rip off and shoot the other mech. Then I go over and drop the ladder down for Trip, and she won't climb up the lader. Worse part is, because it's considered a cut scene, I can't try picking her up, pushing her along, or even bringing up the menu and exiting out of the game. I've exited out of the game and gone back in, nothing seems to work. Any ideas?
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Shad_Devil Jul 4 @ 6:33pm 
I encountered the same Bug. For me, it resolved itself after forcefully shutting down the game and re-playing the game from the last checkpoint. Try doing that 2-3 times. It might resolve itself like it did with me.

Btw, I am playing with the Graphic Fixes from this thread and on High settings.

Incidentally, several bugs that can creep up don`t appear when using High Graphic Settings. If you are running the Game on Low and replaying the game from checkpoint doesn`t work, try playing on High and see if that helps.
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