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Known Issues
I'll be keeping this thread fairly clean, so don't be surprised if I remove any posts.

Known Issues

Don't see your issue here?
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JEFFREY THE SKELETON 9 Eki 2013 @ 7:59pm 
On Windows 7, using a Hitbox (which is internally a PS360+ v1.00 board), in-game control configuration does not recognize the inputs for left or right, but does recognize all other buttons, including Up and Down. Possibly related to the fact that the directional inputs are apparently tied to POV Hat 1 (or so joytokey is telling me). Current workaround is binding POV Hat 1 left/right controller inputs to keyboard left arrow and right arrow inputs, then assigning keyboard left arrow and right arrow to left and right in the in-game control configuration. This has the side effect of forcing me to release and re-press the left/right keys when starting a new level or respawning. Continuing to hold the button in either of these cases causes the character to not move horizontally until the button is released and re-pressed. This is the same behavior as if using keyboard controls directly.

This controller has worked in previous versions, although I couldn't tell you which ones exactly. They were versions of the game with the pre-game video/control configuration window.
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Silejonu 20 Ara 2013 @ 12:29pm 
Since last update, changing the video settings on Linux doesn't take effect, clicking on "Apply" shows the game changing the resolution for half a second, then it goes back to 640x480, without even showing the message "You resolution has changed, would you like to keep this changes ?".
Smashing my A button on my gamepad when hitting "Apply" allows me to change resolution, the message pops up, and everything is fine.
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Xylemon 7 Oca @ 5:50pm 
[Mod Edit:] Fedora 19 x64 no sound:
Figured out the issue, I have to use BumbleBee for my laptop and starting primus via "optirun -b primus %command%" fixed my issue with no sound. Hope this helps anyone else.
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telfoid 29 May @ 8:43pm 
Do you have plans to fix the dpad issue on linux?
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