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Electronic Super Joy

multipass242 Jan 3, 2014 @ 6:07pm
Progress not saved
Playing on a Mac OSX 10.6.8. Was working fine a couple days ago, but for some reason when i got back into the game today none of my progress was there.

Thank you.
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Black Majic  [developer] Jan 3, 2014 @ 10:29pm 
check your options screen. are you playing 1.05 or 1.06?
Hermes Feb 1, 2014 @ 6:42pm 
Originally posted by Black Majic:
check your options screen. are you playing 1.05 or 1.06?
Mines says 1.07.
UndeadBrainDead Feb 1, 2014 @ 9:51pm 
Lost save game
so tonight i decided to play. All my levels are gone. can anybody help me out
Pokki Feb 3, 2014 @ 11:42pm 
I've been getting this issue as well, mac osx 10.8.5, esj v1.07
Been wiped 4 or 5 times now. While I love the game, getting all the stars is becoming difficult when I have to keep playing it through again hahahaha
Dark Link Feb 5, 2014 @ 6:52am 
My progress has disappeared.
I was about halfway through World 3, and now I'm back to the first level. The save was fine for weeks, but is now just gone. Is there any way to recover my progress? I don't know if I want to start over from the beginning.
znokiss Feb 5, 2014 @ 8:19am 
Same here :(
znokiss Feb 5, 2014 @ 8:21am 
Oh sh*t... I cleand my cookies and everything yesterday. Maybe that's why.
Amateur Feb 5, 2014 @ 11:47am 
I've been having the same problem. It froze randomly one day and i get back and its back at beginning. Btw anyone have tips for last few levels?
Occisor Feb 9, 2014 @ 2:43am 
Same here. Linux. v1.08. Until today, do not run for several days.
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JAIL Feb 9, 2014 @ 4:24am 
У меня доже пропал прогресс сохранения что делать?
Kirby Jul 8, 2014 @ 9:53am 
Originally posted by Occisor:
Same here. Linux. v1.08. Until today, do not run for several days.

Same issue here, is there any fix? I have write permissions on esj.sav, but I tried moving the save file from the folder and it still loaded my save game anyway (but still would not save any further progress), suggesting it's pulling the data from somewhere else (Steam Cloud?).
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Doughnut Slayer Oct 2, 2014 @ 3:52am 
I had a similar Issue, where I wouldn't lose all progress just the progress made after a certain point. I used to just use Alt+F4 to quit the game but closing it regularly (by pressing select on the controller to get to the start screen and then pressing select again) seemed to fix the issue. Btw also running v1.08 on Linux
Kirby Oct 7, 2014 @ 9:53am 
I had a temporary fix by removing all read and write permissions on the Steam Cloud save file. This will cause it to error out every time you launch and just use the local save file, which works fine. For some reason though if you try to play offline it just wipes your save file entirely, so keep a backup of the local one somewhere. I'll write a guide on the commands when I'm next on Linux.


1) Create a backup of your local save file:

cp ~/.local/share/Steam/SteamApps/common/ElectronicSuperJoy/esj.sav ~/esj.sav

2) Delete the Steam Cloud save file

rm ~/.local/share/Steam/userdata/99880805/244870/remote/esj.sav

3) Create a new file

touch ~/.local/share/Steam/userdata/99880805/244870/remote/esj.sav

4) Remove all permissions

chmod -r-w-x ~/.local/share/Steam/userdata/99880805/244870/remote/esj.sav
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