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CosmicMeteor 2013年12月21日 3時29分
Safe to do a YouTube LP?
Hey I'm a partner on youtube and before I consider doing a LP I want to know a few things to avoid any issues. Does this game have any sexual content besides the Oh Dayum and the girl moan? Also is there any issues with the music in the game (Am I able to monitize my gameplay with comentary and In game music?) The last thing I want is a copy right strike.
No rush for a reply, If you know the answer to the music thing please tell me where I can find the information to check if its reliable.
Thank you for your time.
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CosmicMeteor 2013年12月21日 15時51分 
Thank you very much! :D
[NP'S] JacobMIX (DK) 1月10日 14時19分 
I streamed it on Twitch, but got muted. Have appealed, but it's been more than 5 weeks now.
Guess even with you giving the full OK things will still happen.
Thanks for being cool about it though.
VOD: http://www.twitch.tv/jacobmix/c/5713373
最近の変更は[NP'S] JacobMIX (DK)が行いました; 1月10日 14時22分
nintengamer3v0lve (TF2GS) 1月22日 10時08分 
Nope. no problem- I?m doing an LP myself!
Final Kaoss 3月23日 9時25分 
Speaking of LP's this is one of the best ones out there for this game.

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