Dr.Chimp Mar 15 @ 12:13pm
Game Grumps Version
can we get it some how like an option ;D *hint hint*
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Ajtpak Mar 19 @ 12:16pm 
Please do this devolopers, i would love it.
mav_sterling Mar 19 @ 1:11pm 
Yes please. Isrlygood
Kzy Jinado™ Mar 22 @ 3:26pm 
Later, betch!

I so want it now
I'd love to have Pope Ross as a boss level in any game, tbh.
Droote Apr 1 @ 9:09pm 
I rather the creator made more levels than wasting time on Game Grumps ♥♥♥♥
Dr.Chimp Apr 2 @ 6:55am 
yes really wasting time on promoting their game with one of the biggest youtube channels, also its already pre made all they have to do is add an option... think about it more money from advertising more levels for over entitled people like you
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