squerc Feb 13 @ 10:15am
no death achie
basically I miss 3 achievment and in order to unlock em all I need the non death challenge. I am wondering if world 4 does count because that make a huge diifference.
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BlaXpirit [UA] Feb 13 @ 10:33am 
This has been asked no less than 1000 times. How about you search?
Ricchi Feb 13 @ 4:58pm 
Yes, you need to get no deaths on world 4 as well.
Shadowspaz Feb 14 @ 8:30pm 
Have fun! :D

Tip: Start with the ones you're least comfortable with first.
squerc Feb 15 @ 3:54am 
I did like the 3nd on world 4 I think am not gonna bother trying that, maybe one day, who knows
Gruseelig1234 Feb 21 @ 10:58am 
but first of all, you must rehearse the levels
D-B9K Mar 4 @ 1:42am 
Having only played the first world of level 4, I gotta say, this is hard.

Like, really hard.

Insert boner jokes.
Ink on Grink Mar 27 @ 8:15pm 
The two easiest levels in World 4 have to the boss Spike and Rabbit Hole.
The two hardest levels would have to be Welcome to the Jungle and Ball 'n Chain.
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