Rekkonin Jun 2 @ 5:18pm
I'm not sure if this is a bug or if everyone knows about it already, but I haven't seen anything about it and thought I should post something here.

Apparently the brief period of invincibility during your smash is long enough to cheat through some of the tougher spikey obstacles in a few levels. It's not a hard trick to do, and you can avoid pretty much all of the moving spike-balls using it, just jump very quickly after a smash (very easy on a keyboard, since you can press both buttons pretty much simultaneously.

Here's an example of it being used to bypass a tough jump in "Watch Your Step", note how the trail goes into and out of the spike balls:

Was this intended? Is it worth getting rid of? Does anyone other than me actually care?
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Mykaterasu - 音楽の神 Jun 3 @ 4:51am 
Using my common sense, I'd say it's a leftover to prevent death when smashing on missles, considering it probably was buggy in development so it's most likely here to stay. Plus, I've known about this since day 1 and some runs on the ladder like mine use it as a trick so it'd be unfair to patch it out.
So basically...
Everyone understands, but nobody cares.
az_strocyte Jun 5 @ 5:46am 
the tutorial said you can pass through spike-balls
Giygas Jun 19 @ 12:00pm 
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