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Guias Steam populares Guias, referências e detonados em texto
Описание большинства вещей режима Выживания
por Elusive dragon
В этом гайде будет описаны практически все аспекты игры в режиме Выживание, а также описание блоков и их функционал....
Official Guide: Space Engineers - Dedicated Servers
por George.Mamakos
Dedicated servers are now available in Space Engineers. Dedicated servers allow players to connect to a third party host, rather than using a player-host, in a peer-to-peer set-up. This feature will result to a faster connection and a more fluent multipla...
Official - Space Engineers: Factions, ownership of blocks
por George.Mamakos
Factions are now available in Space Engineers. Players can create and join factions, determine ownership of blocks and manage the relations between factions (hostile/ally). Block ownership is determined by computers, so if players want to take over hostil...
Official Guide: Space Engineers - Grouping items in Control Panel
por George.Mamakos
This video demonstrates how you can group items in the Control Panel (it helps players to control and manage multiple items and objects with only one click). Also, "reverse" button for rotors and landing gears in the Control Panel....
Official Guide: Space Engineers - Pistons, Blast door blocks
por George.Mamakos
Pistons in Space Engineers - they can be used to build advanced machinery. Also, faction founders and leaders can now enable auto-approval for new members. Players will now be able to see a notification on HUD when somebody is hacking/grinding their ship ...
Your own character skin + RUN DEDICATED SERVER
por Sektan
Your own character skin I first saw the video of "SAGE". Then I looked at the downloadable skin that did. The file contained no guide, so I started playing with models. Here is the result. This procedure is for one skin texture without the ability t...
On The Aesthetics of Ship Design
por Dark Lord
Tips and tricks that i use for making ships. I will periodically update this guide with its various sections. As of now, the topics I plan to cover are Planning, Curves & Slants, Details, Building Your Ship Around a Role, and Flow of Shape. ...
How to die vs pirates
por HaVoK
Стыковочный автопилот
por Neuromancer
О том как сделать свой стыковочный автопилот...
Official: Space Engineers - Advanced Rotor Settings
por Marek Rosa
Advanced rotor settings - torque, braking torque, target velocity, lower and upper angular limit. These settings can be used in order to create different functions with the rotors such as building gates. Map on Steam Workshop: