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Conveyors: The basics and their uses
by The_Dude
Conveyors. These strange things were recently added in an update. How do they work? Why do they exist? What can I use them for? How to I use them? This guide will (hopefully) answer these questions and provide you with a basic understanding of conveyors ...
Requirements for basic types of small/large ships in Space Engineers
by The Derper
This guide will provide simple requirements for basic types of small/large ships in Space Engineers. If you like the guide, want to give ideas on how it can be improved, or just want to, then please leave a comment. Enjoy!...
Classification of ships
by Just Alexus
Hello everyone. I would ike to suggest my own system of classification of ships in game.. Basic ideas taken from Freelancer game. If you have some ideas, suggestions, or questions - write it, do not hesitate. Русскоязычную версию...
APIM (Armor Piercing Inertial Missle)
by Parrotmarauder327
A simple guide on how to make an effective ship-to-ship fire and forget missle....
How to mine like a pro.
by Erwin da Rommel
This guide will show you, how you can make 100% profit with only a starter ship....
Official: Space Engineers - New glass window blocks, artificial mass block, new large ship cockpits
by Marek Rosa
Glass window blocks, artificial mass block and two new types of large ship cockpits (can be used either in first or third person view)....
Star Engineers Guía Básica
by Shird
Esta es una guía básica para los que os iniciáis en este pedazo de juego....
Official: Space Engineers - Advanced Rotor Settings
by Marek Rosa
Advanced rotor settings - torque, braking torque, target velocity, lower and upper angular limit. These settings can be used in order to create different functions with the rotors such as building gates. Map on Steam Workshop:
Controller Support 4 U <3
by xhzrdx
I just finished creating an Xpadder profile for Space Engineers. In my opinion, this is the most fun I've had playing this game since using this ;) Enjoy! ...
Guia basica en español de Space Engineer
by Dr.Mádor
Guia basica donde pudes escuchar y ver los principios básicos para el juego Space Engineer, podras acceder a ella si vas a mi blog donde te explico lo mejor que puedo como jugarlo. Se iran añadiendo poco a poco el contenido actualizado del juego para qu...