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Sound Block Modding for Beginners
by Mog
This guide was created with the intention of guiding someone with no modding ability through adding sounds to the sound block, step-by-step. Instructions given assume Windows OS....
Unlimited sensors range (with respected power demand)
by I.C.E.
A quick guide about how to set sensor range to whatever you need without any modding experience! If you ever wondered "Why only 50 meters, Keen, WHY???" and was looking for something LONG enough - this is for you. ///По-русски: Корот...
Unnofficial video guide on modding the Sound Block
by Toasty
Want to know how to add custom sounds but can't be bothered to read? Well this is the guide for you!...
Official Guide: Modding the sound block
by George.Mamakos
The sound block has been added in Space Engineers. This guide will help you to understand how to create and implement your own sound designs into the game....
How to be Invader
by Arara@PCBroken
"Invader Script" is Navigation AI for hostile ships. This guide show how to make new Invader....
I.N.A. Issoudun - Mods
by Ж terzaerian Ж
Modlist for the I.N.A. Issoudun game world....
6ft6 Extra Materials
by Naleen(Sarah)
This is the guide to accompany the Extra Materials Space Engineers mod. We will be learning the basics of adding a new voxel material, a new componant and a new block. http://steam...
Modding support for weapons
by Marek Rosa
This guide will explain how to create and implement your own weapon designs to the game. At this time it is possible to create rocket or projectile weapon of any kind for all types of use (large ship, small ship, character). You can also create your own t...
How to automatically backup your dedicated server files from VeryGames [FTP]
by [SE] Bean
This is kind of specific, but a lot of people utilize VeryGames for their dedicated server. I created a script to backup the game files from the site via their FTP. Hope this helps! BIG THANKS to: eXistenZ [FR] Who helped troubleshoot, and will ass...
Space Engineers - Save Modding
by {ƬȊØ}:ŦąƈøƈąŦ:
This guide will help you get started at modding save files for Space Engineers, such as replacing existing armors and asteroid modifications. This guide is to help you get started, after this you will have to figure it out for yourself....
Xpadder Controller Support
by ExtropicMonk
Xbox 360 Controller Support for Xpadder. Includes game profile and controller profile. Features a basic overview of the controls, a comprehensive control list, and instructions on how to set it all up. Does not require any Xpadder experience....
How to create new Cargo Ships
by Arara@PCBroken
Steps to make your ships to spawn as new cargo ship....
Mirroring options for new blocks
by OncaLupe
Adding a new block to Space Engineers and need it to work with Mirroring? Tired of pulling your hair out in frustration trying to figure out which set of options is needed? Then this guide is for you!...
Space Engineers Mod Toolkit for Blender
by NimrodX
This guide introduces a set of Blender tools for creating Space Engineers mods. Currently this consists of a Blender project file with embedded scripts, settings, user interface extensions, workspaces, and guide objects that aid the user in creaing new bl...
Constructing a "chessmaster42 - Class I & III Warp Drive
by Vell
i have had a keen (no pun intended) interest in SE Server Extender Plugins, Most Notably "Chessmaster42" Warp Drive Plugin. I read through the forums comments and replies and managed to piece together a working warp drive on my server with the latest v...
How to Create a Custom Respawn Ship Mod
by PolarPotato
Are you tired of the boring old respawn ship? Do you want a new one but don't like any that are on the workshop? I can help with that! In this guide I will go over the simple(ish) method of how to mod in your own custom respawn ships. It is pretty eas...
Basic guide for Space Engineers. What ship blocks you NEED.
by Zaheer (paladinHD)
After how well my last guide turned out i decided to make another. Hopfully it helps ;) As before watch the video....
How To Import a Custom Asteroid Using SE Toolbox
by phoneboi
A guide to importing custom asteroids into a game using SE Toolbox...
How To Remove 'Space Fog'
by Taien
This guide will help you remove the annoying 'greyness' of the space in the game which persists even through skybox changes....
Change your Skybox (background) in 6 Simple Steps
by Crushfield
This Guide will describe how to change your skybox without the use of third party programs - In 6 simple Well explained steps....
Your own character skin + RUN DEDICATED SERVER - Patch 01.042
by Sektan
Your own character skin I first saw the video of "SAGE". Then I looked at the downloadable skin that did. The file contained no guide, so I started playing with models. Here is the result. This procedure is for one skin texture without the ability t...
How to disable fog
by Scorcher24
This guide shows you step by step how to disable the fog in the game without installing any 3rd party software....
Official - Space Engineers - Modding Academy: Skybox
by George.Mamakos
Modding the skybox in Space Engineers. This is a tutorial video about how to mod your game’s files and use a different background for your worlds....
How convert the XWM to WAV music files
by Trixie Jensen
Ever wanted to listen the great OST of Space Engineers? It can take a hour of work, but once you're done you can listen it when you want, where you want! You only need to download one small ZIP/RAR file, for the record....
PC Tweaking Guide for Space Engineers (or anything really)
by PhoenixX
Got an Epic PC - (Or a not so epic PC) and Space engineers (or some other game) runs like crap? Before you throw money at the PC, or throw the PC out, try setting up the PC right to begin with. This guide outlines a few common sense settings to try ...
[FR/ENG] How to fix . NET Framework Reinstall!
by Fabs20™
Microsoft.NET Framework Repair Tool: - Bonjour à tous! Comme j'avais personnellement le problème et que sur la toile, y'avait beaucoups de joueu...
Requirements for basic types of small/large ships in Space Engineers
by TheDerper121
This guide will provide simple requirements for basic types of small/large ships in Space Engineers. If you like the guide, want to give ideas on how it can be improved, or just want to, then please leave a comment. Enjoy!...
SESkyBoxTool_Mega pack_v08010 _@CyBer
by CyBerFreaK®
HY DUDES With this Tool you can change the SkyBox/Background in SpaceEngineers ! I add 23. Backround´s in this Tool , hope you have fun !!!!!! How 2 Install: Link :[url=
Controller Support 4 U <3
by xhzrdx
I just finished creating an Xpadder profile for Space Engineers. In my opinion, this is the most fun I've had playing this game since using this ;) Enjoy! ...
Guia basica en español de Space Engineer
by Dr.Mádor
Guia basica donde pudes escuchar y ver los principios básicos para el juego Space Engineer, podras acceder a ella si vas a mi blog donde te explico lo mejor que puedo como jugarlo. Se iran añadiendo poco a poco el contenido actualizado del juego para qu...
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