goldenradish 2013年9月22日 18時29分
First post - reviews/opinions of this game?
I came to see what the player reviews were of this game. Has anyone any opinions of this game? Particularly if anyone has problems with Nvidia cards.

By them way. I've never seen a Steam forum that was empty.

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campaigner 2013年11月27日 19時56分 
I enjoyed it... Just be sure to get it cheap.
ograstamon 1月3日 1時01分 
campaigner の投稿を引用:
I enjoyed it... Just be sure to get it cheap.
TRANSLATION: I spent so little that I don't care that it sucks.
Toneloc 5月15日 16時51分 
My nvidea 560ti,I know crap right, gets fried by this game.
goldenradish 6月4日 21時37分 
Thanks for the input everyone. I wound up getting it somehow (a kind friend, I believe), but I go with what Campaigner said. A badly optimised game can be fun, but not for a premium price. But there are some real stinkers up for sale at present.
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