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The Lost Treasures of Aquaria and How to Find Them
tekijältä Joey245
Hello all! I'm Joey245, and this is the first guide I'm ever making for the Steam Community! Figures that it would be about the first game I truly fell in love with: BitBlot's Aquaria! I've clocked over 200 hours into the game by my estimate (non-Steam ve...
Complete Recipe Guide [Aquaria]
tekijältä Guides for Games [Catherine]
List of all recipes required to unlock the Super Chef achievement...
How to Find the Three Naija's Lost Memories/Como Achar as Três Memórias Perdidas de Naija
tekijältä Vecchio
I made this guide to hel you guys to find the three Naija's Lost Memories, so then you can enjoy the extra scene in the ending! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
Complete Boss Guide [Aquaria]
tekijältä Guides for Games [Catherine]
Strategies for all the main and minibosses of the game! SPOILERS!!!...
tekijältä ^^(O_o)^^ ПауканЪ
Aquaria world map...
Простое прохождение мини-босса Simon Says
tekijältä Darkest Day
Простой способ получить третий слот для готовки еды в инвентарь, не заморачиваясь с запоминанием нот глазастого чудика....