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Silyus 2012年11月8日下午12:32
Why no steam cloud?
I heard that aquaria is one of the few games that are actually playable on the steam linux beta client, it should be great having a proper steam cloud system for that.
Is it too much complicated to implement?
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Conman 2012年11月16日上午5:30 
Hear here! This is still an amazing game, and I would love to see Cloud implemented.
nauht 2012年11月27日下午5:41 
Me too
Zarouk 2013年8月3日上午2:48 
cyanic 2013年8月6日上午11:29 
Why the demands? You do know that this game is from 2007, and haven't really been updated for Steam since then. The Linux version has been out from the Humble Indie Bundle since 2010.
Madd the Sane 2013年8月30日上午9:08 
I would also like to see Steam Cloud to sync game files between OS X and Linux and Windows. As the Mac version isn't available, and probably will be for some time, eh…
Ἀταραξίαᅚᅚ 2013年9月12日上午7:15 
Whiskey_Fox 2013年11月13日下午11:09 
Steam Could would indeed be nice.
cyanic 2013年11月27日下午7:08 
Actually, adding Cloud support shouldn't be hard. Just tell steam to upload files from the game's save directory, the same way they do it with Scribblenauts.
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