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RH Inż. NBlast 20 авг, 2013 в 7:11
How to raise awareness of Aquaria's awesomeness?
I'm kinda stunned how much Aquaria is forgotten by the gaming industry. If seems that for most people indie game fever began with Braid and anything before it didn't exist.

Aquaria is definietly in the Top tier of independent games, and a true artistical masterpiece by Derek and Alec. Why in the world this game don't have as much prise as Fez or SMB (not that these games are bad)? Does everyone forgot that Aquaria won several important award, like this in IGC?

Any ideas how to raise the awereness of Aquaria in gaming community? I already presented the game to my friends and they were very entusiastic about it. I'm afraid, that the industry forgot about it completly.
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-=Menschweint=- 20 авг, 2013 в 18:29 
the visuals and the style of the game istn for everybody. even after i started the game i was ver very sceptical about it. i never heared of this game though it isnt new. i really started it only because i read so many good things about it and i dont regret it. and this game is relly grate! but i can understand not many people played it! realyl sad because this game is really good!
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CUD 20 авг, 2013 в 19:32 
Yeah, it's kind of hard as gamers to raise awareness for a game even one as great as this. I mean, sure we can go promoting around the internet but marketing isn't our job as the consumers. Just recommend it to your friends unless you feel compelled to go out of your way to promote it.

It is a great game so it does deserve more popularity.
Space is the Place 22 авг, 2013 в 15:37 
Well the main character appears in Super Meat Boy and there´s deffinitelly a lot of people with the game considering it has been on humble bundle, so I wouldn´t say it´s an obscure game, for what it is, it has it´s popularity. And the second comment is right, I mean, I ain´t gonna get ♥♥♥♥ to promote the game, my gamer friends some know the game and own it, some others just don´t play on PC and can´t have it, why will I bother?

And it´s a great game, but I feel it may not be for everyone. For me it was hard to get in since it take me a lot of time to realize what was the goal. And by the end of the game I get annoyed about a few things (the dark areas, goooooooooooddd, I did get boring of that part of the game pretty fast and stop playing all of the sudden). And is a long game which may not be the perfect cup of tea for everyone, specially in the indie market. Now you see, I kind of love the game but still know it´s not a perfect experience, so I can´t really go around saying everyone "go play aquaria, YO dude, PLAY AQUARIA!!" on a time period where there are LITERALLY so many friking games that if I decide to recommend a play experience to anyone it should be THE PERFECT experience. And it´s a little bit difficult to find the kind of player that would consider Aquaria "perfect" since it has elements of many things, and those kind of games are always secret gems to some people and total ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ for others.

I do sympathize with the OP despite what I´m saying, I sincerally think it´s a great game, it´s kind of forgotten by the industry and it should probably be more popular. But it´s deffinitelly a pretty hard thing to do by players. More cameos from Naija like in Super Meat Boy may help to raise the character popularity, but that´s it´s a thing for the developers. You know something that would really boost the fame of the game?? A porno parody comic ... HEY, believe me or not, that sure will bring a lot of people o be aware of the character at least XDXDXDXDXDXD

PD: Sorry, long post. BUT CONGRATS IF YOU FINISH ... no badge for that tough.
SomeUnregPunk 5 сен, 2013 в 6:29 
Technically there are literally tons of great indie games out there that not a lot of people know about because the developers don't market it past their niche. Sites like jayisgames went around and tried and still trying to advertise for games that doesn't have a marketing team to help them put their game out in the world.

This game controls work better on the iPad though.

I mean short of using your own cash to post advertisments of this game on billboards and buses, there isn't much anyone outside of the marketing world can do. Spamming forums just turns people off to the product.
manaman 12 окт, 2013 в 11:28 
This was one of the early indie games that grabbed my attention and probably the first PC game I ever purchased digitally. I'm not sure why it's not bigger now. The control scheme was unique, too.
Mr.Classy 11 ноя, 2013 в 9:05 
A true work of art and a labor of love. Its a shame it never got the attention it deserves compared to some of the real pretentious "indie" crap out there that makes the headlines.
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