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HUNTER 2013년 7월 20일 오전 10시 45분
Nice to see that most of Aquaria's discussions are useless
As far as I've seen, it's just Linux and Summer sales.
Nobody is disccussing the music, visuals, art, or where the hell to find all the treasures.
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NBlast 2013년 7월 20일 오후 3시 27분 
Keep in mind that it is a quite old game. Look on old Steam Powered User Forums or Bit.Blot forums for many threads regarding how awesome this game is ;)
Pokiehl 2013년 7월 20일 오후 8시 25분 
I picked it up because of the art. Not disappointed so far. :)
.//slayer 2013년 7월 21일 오전 4시 12분 
There are many games with empty or almost empty forums. Instead of being sarcastic why don't you go ahead and start a discussion by sharing your own opinion about the said matters?
404_Not_Found 2013년 7월 22일 오후 3시 27분 
I'd imagine the linux discussions aren't useless to the linux users ;3

I bought it because it was an adventure game and someone's unofficial demo bolstered my interest a lot. Really need to return to it.
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