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Death_Monger 2013年2月16日 2時58分
Aquaria With white boxes everywhere??!
I just bought from steam, after installing it on my new windows 8 tablet pc (full version of windows not RT, with Atom processor) it worked fine and smooth except for one very annoying graphical glitch, some items in the menu and in game appears with white boxes around them making the game unplayable cuz I have no idea what is going on sometimes and other times cuz it is making a pretty game ugly :(

I tried everything.. even verified files with steam.. any ideas or fixes?
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RH Inż. NBlast 2013年2月16日 5時35分 
Hmmm... maybe good ol' reinstall will work? This game is not big, so it's maybe worth a try?
cyanic 2013年2月16日 6時19分 
Yup, definitely revalidate cache. I tried extracting the files from the retail installer instead of actually running the installer and the same happens.
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