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Goumajinken 2013年1月5日 12時56分
Trading World of Goo and stuff for Aquaria

I'm trading an old extra Humble Bundle Key which contains World of Goo, Edge, Osmos and Anomaly (aprox ~ 20€) for Aquaria.
I'm also interested in Chivalry, They Bleed Pixels and Castle Crashers.

Please PM if interested.
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Bigbee KAMIzola 2013年1月5日 16時17分 
which humble bundle had aquaria? O_______o
Goumajinken 2013年1月5日 18時45分 
KAMIKAZE Baddick 4ever の投稿を引用:
which humble bundle had aquaria? O_______o
My key is from an old Humble Bundle ("HB for Android 3"). I'll trade it for a copy of Aquaria, it doesn't have to be from a bundle or anything (even though Humble Bundle n°1 had it iirc).
Bigbee KAMIzola 2013年1月5日 20時04分 
oops, I misread =p I dont knew the humble bundle for android could be used on steam too >_> so noob
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