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Goumajinken 5. tammi, 2013 12.56
Trading World of Goo and stuff for Aquaria

I'm trading an old extra Humble Bundle Key which contains World of Goo, Edge, Osmos and Anomaly (aprox ~ 20€) for Aquaria.
I'm also interested in Chivalry, They Bleed Pixels and Castle Crashers.

Please PM if interested.
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KAMIzola 5. tammi, 2013 16.17 
which humble bundle had aquaria? O_______o
Goumajinken 5. tammi, 2013 18.45 
KAMIKAZE Baddick 4ever lähetti viestin:
which humble bundle had aquaria? O_______o
My key is from an old Humble Bundle ("HB for Android 3"). I'll trade it for a copy of Aquaria, it doesn't have to be from a bundle or anything (even though Humble Bundle n°1 had it iirc).
KAMIzola 5. tammi, 2013 20.04 
oops, I misread =p I dont knew the humble bundle for android could be used on steam too >_> so noob
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