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CrabMan Jan 28, 2014 @ 8:20pm
A bug with screen scaling on Debian Jessie
When I launch this game, it appears in very low resolution and also there is a problem: if I move cursor to the edge of the screen (even though there is no cursor showing up while playing this game), the game screen shifts in the opposite direction and from that direction comes blackness. Now if I close the game, the resolution of the screen stays the same and the scaling persists. How it works - I see only a part of the screen and if I bring cursor to the edges, the screen moves in that direction.
I have to restore the screen to its normal state by either restarting X or by using xrandr to set the screen to its recommended resolution.
I use nvidia videocard with nvidia's proprietary drivers.
Also I use KDE if that matters.

p.s. Don't buy this game if you are on GNU Linux
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