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Cryptography Jun 1, 2014 @ 2:09pm
Big Picture mode - Getting in and out with a gamepad
I have a "044f-b300-THRUSTMASTER FireStorm Dual Power" Gamepad and I get perfectly in and out of the linux version with my Gamepad. It's only that I can't select the song with my gamepad. Is anybody else able to select the songs with your gamepad for Linux/Windows?

The reason I post this is to show my appreciation that I can both enter the game, play it and also exit it all with my old gamepad. Cool! :)

One cool thing with this is that in the linux version Gamepad support works out of the box and the store page for the game doesn't say that you can use a Gamepad. I'm impressed! Though on linux that's probably thanks to SDL 2.0 I guess. Good work!
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SADevil Jul 1, 2014 @ 12:59am 
I can "sing" with my Logitech gamepad on Windows using analog stick. But after some time using gamepad I realised that keyboard + mouse is much preferable controls for Aquaria. I like to play platformers with gamepad, but not in this case. After keyboard + mouse it feels too restrictive, may be this is why controller support isn't listed on the store page. In later game it will be real pain to change forms in difficult battles without using hot keys for them.
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