Sid Meier's Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies
Hamstar Feb 4 @ 11:06am
Humble Bundled!
Get it for 1 dollar!
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Paindemonium Feb 8 @ 10:51am 
And waste one dollar... for game that will never work.
Hamstar Feb 8 @ 12:25pm 
Works for me!
phillippassmore Feb 9 @ 6:06am 
Might have been in a humble bundle but I still feel ripped off as both the Ace Patrol games will not load.
Josh Feb 11 @ 7:04pm 
for those that are having problems please list the operating system version and video card you have installed
Kondree Feb 12 @ 4:29am 
Good game ;]
The_Atm Feb 12 @ 12:56pm 
Your an idiot if you pay 1$ the humblebundle... hell that doesn't even cover the bandwidth for the website it's self. if your going to be that rude and idiotic as to do that... why bother?
Bacon.熏肉.[DK | Newbee] Feb 13 @ 11:51am 
The game works, as long as you have OPEN-GL support and Windows 7 (not XP). It's worth a dollar at elast.
The White Knight Feb 14 @ 7:49pm 
These games are outstanding. If you're having a problem with loading it, its generally your system's fault, not the game.
lisette Feb 21 @ 1:16pm 
Totally fun games, well worth $1 in the bundle even if you have all the other games
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