gozen_of_kamakura 2012年11月14日上午5:03
Ghost units
Hiya, i enjoy this game its good fun, but i was wonder if any one had any advice on how to defeat ghost units which have the breathstealer ability i have noticed it totally decimates even my best armys and im getting some what annoy getting my ♥♥♥♥ handed to me by an army supposedly inferior to me. Any suggestions would be much appreciated
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OG Himedere 2012年11月24日下午5:32 
there are a few ways, first is mass archers, second is a knight connected to perhaps knights of guinvere, golden gryffons or seelie/unseelie warriors, with cleaving and breathstealer, that should take them out
gozen_of_kamakura 2012年11月25日上午12:43 
cool many thanks
OG Himedere 2012年11月25日上午4:34 
no problem, you can as well just ignore them, will just cost you some food to get the rebellion as well, and just let them run around until you have done the quest to close the gate, i always do that
Notorious B.I.G 2012年12月22日上午10:36 
Get a strong army upgrade them and you are unstoppable
Notorious B.I.G 2012年12月22日上午10:37 
maybe im gonna ply with this game again
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