Notorious B.I.G 2012年11月12日 11時03分
awesome game
that game was one of my favorite strategy game what you guys think about it?
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Mavis the Great[est] 2012年11月24日 17時33分 
I see it the same, just got to love the system, except the fights when you know how to do it are a bit boring it just is great
Notorious B.I.G 2012年11月25日 4時11分 
i comlete this game in 3 time.
Notorious B.I.G 2012年11月25日 4時12分 
i was played on an old account i lost my password. on this acccount i had 119 hour playtime now just 27 hour
Odcran 2012年12月5日 12時34分 
Sigaard 2012年12月7日 2時03分 
personally i like the total war games more than this one. but it is a purchase worthy...
ClamRam 2012年12月19日 22時04分 
I love it, risk meets real time strategy. Wish the world map was larger though, with more territories. Just wish they had followed through with the second one, so I wouldn't have wasted the money. Ironically I got this one for 75% off and I play it all the time, and payed full price for the second and it blows.
Dayka 2013年1月4日 15時04分 
One of my favorite wargames for RTS, better than the TW series in my opinion because of the RPG elements (quests, troops leveling, powers, ...).
Szevek 2013年9月8日 7時26分 
Quest system is really cool. Like oldschool gamebooks :-)
Я| Havok 2013年9月11日 12時54分 
People just arent smart enough to get the Morale system. My fix? ( Rightful Christians only ) Get Sir Dagonet, Sir Gareth, Leodegrance and Sir Balan all in one army. Give Balan Heavy Cavalry (champions or better if possible) Dagonet and Gareth get light infantry/ Archers/ crossbowmen. to make use of thier superior magic, and ALWAYS PAIR LEODEGRANCE WITH CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS WHO HAVE THE ZEAL PERK.... I have a pack of level 10 Royal Gaurds with Zeal, (+3% attack per Christianity of attached hero.) and they had Nearly the same attack As the hero! The rest i suggest Breakshields/ Longshields/Swordsmen. Use this set-up with Balan to charge in and CRUSH enemy front liners captureing VL's, and Dagonet and Graeth as Crowd controll and anti- archers. Use leo as the leader of your main forces, and watch the enemy army size and morale Vanish. For theother three Archetypes i have not developed as great a Anti- Vl targeter yet. But i will eventually
最近の変更はЯ| Havokが行いました; 2013年9月11日 12時57分
Я| Havok 2013年9月11日 13時02分 
Note: Leodegrance CAN be switched out with Sir Teygr or Percivale, and Balan with Balin Lancelot or Sir Kay. I would avoid useing Dagonet if you cannot get his loyalty and level up, as he is a Sidhe(old faith) knight. Sir Gawain and Sir Tristan are also canidates. Percivale is able to take Dagonets or Gareths place aswell, but lacks the sheer crushing fighting power of Balan to be your headsman. If you get sir Bedivere he can replace Balan, but Balan is the best knight ive found so far for this task. The units ive found to be BEST used for this set up is Saxon Riders, and Huscarls/Crusaders/Royal Gaurd.
duke jason 5月30日 10時13分 
there are some control issues that kinda sucked for me. but i hope over time i will get better at the game.
Furry 8月5日 16時16分 
Its a great game, they dont make em like this anymore
SuperGorp 8月6日 7時10分 
Absolutely love the artifact combinations for the Heroe's. "Legendary Artifacts" dlc is a must.
corinth15.50 8月6日 12時40分 
i relly like it but was wondering if anyone knows how to tilt the camera angle so that at ground level you can see more of the horizon. this would be particularly useful when marching up a hill.
Jamtots 9月26日 11時17分 
The battles aren't as fun as Total war, but I like the campaign and all the story.
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