-----\_Bacon_/ 25. loka, 2012 14.50
Right handed units?
I guess it's just some sort thing in the back of my mind. But it there any way to make all the units in-game right handed?
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StormWyrm 9. helmi, 2013 18.35 
Well, you'd have to be handy with animation. If all the developer made were left-handed animations, they'd have to be modder made.
tron34 11. helmi, 2013 22.48 
It does make me wonder, though; why are some units left handed and why are some units right handed? It was like that in Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come and Lionheart: King's Crusade, as well as in King Arthur 2.
caaron14 8. touko, 2014 20.31 
Random unit generation probably. Also adds diversity
-----\_Bacon_/ 9. touko, 2014 5.06 
Uhhh no. Definitely not random.....
£ods of emone - DOSH 11. touko, 2014 16.38 
Because left handed people were called the devils. when right handed people were just.
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