Ser Hyle 25. loka, 2012 14.50
Right handed units?
I guess it's just some sort thing in the back of my mind. But it there any way to make all the units in-game right handed?
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StormWyrm 9. helmi, 2013 18.35 
Well, you'd have to be handy with animation. If all the developer made were left-handed animations, they'd have to be modder made.
tron34 11. helmi, 2013 22.48 
It does make me wonder, though; why are some units left handed and why are some units right handed? It was like that in Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come and Lionheart: King's Crusade, as well as in King Arthur 2.
caaron14 8. touko 20.31 
Random unit generation probably. Also adds diversity
Ser Hyle 9. touko 5.06 
Uhhh no. Definitely not random.....
Alduin Makintosh 11. touko 16.38 
Because left handed people were called the devils. when right handed people were just.
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