King Arthur - The Role-playing Wargame

(5rC)Foxyrat 2012년 12월 30일 오전 9시 57분
Which Game
should i buy this or the seconde one
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Sijos 2012년 12월 31일 오전 10시 50분 
I haven't played the second...but I'd recommend the first. Just looking at reviews, your best bet is with the first one, and I think it's a good game.
Valentin Zarándy [HUN] 2013년 1월 2일 오전 8시 44분 
The first one has lots of more opportunites during the gameplay then the second one. KA2 has simpler gameplay (for example you have only 1 main army). I think this isn't bad it's just different compare with KA1. KA1 is an RTS game with RPG components, KA2 is (more or less) an RPG game with RTS components.
(5rC)Foxyrat 2013년 1월 2일 오후 1시 35분 

martin3z 2013년 2월 19일 오전 3시 30분 
for me dlc campaings saxon and druids are awesome. those are both real strategist, and less rpg gameplays.
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