Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Family Edition
ImALittleBear Apr 8 @ 3:45pm
Complementary Steam Keys for Non Steam Purchases of Mavis Beacon!
Dear Players,

It is my pleasure on behalf of Encore Software / Viva Media to Offer Keys to users of Steam who have purchased this game from other places such as Gamers Gate, Amazon to name a few.

Here is how this works. Please send me an email to with the following information.

1. Your User Name on Steam.

2. A screenshot showing your proof of purchase from a 3rd Party place.

Once I review the appropriate information I will reply back to you with a key that can be used on Steam to redeem for a copy of this game on Steam.

Please put in the subject line "Attn LittleBear Free Steam Key"

Please also state what region you are in. I have 5 keys for each region to give out.

Email submissions that do not follow the guidelines above will not recieve a complementary key for Steam.

I only have 5 keys to give around at the present time. If I get more requests after the keys are gone I can report back to my administrative manager at Encore and they can accomodate me based on availability.

Additionally in the next few days you should see a moderator star next to my name to verify my affiliation with this company. It turns out I was not joined into the game groups so they could not add me.

Thank you everyone for your feedback regarding Steam Keys for non Steam Purchases! I'm just the messenger , and now representitve in a few days!