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l.hutchinson  [geliştirici] 29 Ağu 2013 @ 2:21

We have finally got the mac and linux versions into a state where they are ready for more thorough testing. It was always the plan to do this with PC although due to time constraints we never managed to get it done.

If you would like to become part of the BETA test team for mac and linux, please reply to this thread with

1. Your Full Name ( unless for some reason you want to remain anonymous ).
2. Your Platform Mac/Linux
3. Your Machine Specs and OS revision.

We are looking for 10-15 people on each platform minimum and will choose people based on getting a decent spread of HW and OS SW.

All support will be managed through SUPPORT@DOUBLE11.CO.UK and we will advertise for further rounds ( more people ) and specific tests on the steam community forums

We expect tests to begin in a couple of weeks max...
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1. Tony Coupland
2. Mac
3. Mid2010 2.5ghz 4gb MBP and Mid2010 3.6ghz i5 4gb iMac - both Mountain Lion
Name: Steve Burnley
Platform: Mac OSX
Specs: Early 2011 MBP 2.3Ghz Intel Core i5, 8gb Ram, Intel HD Graphic 3000 512mb
OS: Mountain Lion v10.8.4
En son Steverulez tarafından düzenlendi; 29 Ağu 2013 @ 2:45
David H
MBP 13" Retina Late 2012, 2.5GHz i5, 8GB RAM, OS X 10.8.4
Ricardo Minnaard
iMac, Linux
Latest OSX, 2011 model, i5, 8GB Ram, ATI video card
OpenSUSE 12.3 on a HP ProBook 6570b, i5, 8GB Ram, Intel video card
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l.hutchinson  [geliştirici] 29 Ağu 2013 @ 3:55 

Once we decide who is taking part we will add you as steam friends and ask for your personal email addresses.
OSX 10.8.4
Spec : Macboopro 2.5 ghz Intel Core 2 Duo 17 inch
4 gb ram 512 mb Nvidia 8600 GT
1. Patrick Adams
2. OSX 10.8.4
3. MacBook Pro 2012 2.5ghz 4GB RAM
4. Huge fan of PJM! :)
1. Ibrahim Rodríguez
2. OS X 10.8.4
3. Macbook Pro Retina 15" 2012 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 8GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Intel HD Graphics 4000 512 MB
En son Ibby tarafından düzenlendi; 30 Ağu 2013 @ 17:18
1. Max B
2. OS X 10.8.4
3. Macbook Pro Retina 2012, 15", 16 GB
Do you need to own the game? Else I'm able to do some testing on Arch Linux.

1. Jur v. N.
2. Latest version of Arch Linux.
3. I7-2600k, GTX570, 8GB
1. Jessica Krueger
2. Mac
3. Early 2009 MacBook, OSX Version 10.7.5, 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM, NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB
4. LOVE this game!
l.hutchinson  [geliştirici] 29 Ağu 2013 @ 8:06 
İlk olarak Jur tarafından gönderildi:
Do you need to own the game? Else I'm able to do some testing on Arch Linux.

1. Jur v. N.
2. Latest version of Arch Linux.
3. I7-2600k, GTX570, 8GB

Nope, you will be given access to what we believe to be a password protected beta branch with a key..

We will pick people based on the best spread of OS's / SW / HW.. You are the first person on a version of linux that I've never heard of :-)
Sounds fair, it was worth a shot. I hope there will be enough applications with Linux, Linux needs more games. :) Arch Linux is not that known but still used by a decent amount of people. But it's smarter to focus on Ubuntu and Linux Mint as those are the most used under Steam users.

You'll need to enter a password/code under the 'Beta' tab from a game. So it's not like a normal (Steam) key, I assume you meant such a key. Keep in mind the password can be used by anyone who owns the game. Some developers tend to forget that..
1. Stanislaw Gackowski
2. Linux, the distro being Ubuntu 13.04 most of the time, but can be anything and everything :)
3. Core 2 Duo E6750, 9600GT 1GiB, 16 GB of Ram

I'd love to give the Linux version a try, plus this wouldn't be the first time I'm testing a Linux port. And to think I was about to send you an e-mail inquiring about just this.
En son maxeaubrey tarafından düzenlendi; 29 Ağu 2013 @ 8:27
A.D. Olson
Linux (LMDE 32-bit)
E6600 @ 3.06GHz
GeForce GT 610 2GB w/ 304.48 right now.
En son adolson tarafından düzenlendi; 29 Ağu 2013 @ 9:21
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