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Nomine Dec 10, 2013 @ 11:26pm
my review for this game

please take a look if you can appriciate the somewhat simplified opinion from someone who has played a ton of tower defense games (along with completing about 1k games from gen 3-pc eras)

I'll paste it here as well:

This scenario is not all too rare:

I bought this for like 2€ thinking it would be a good tower defense game. What it turned out to be was perfective RTS that has stages which you learn AFTER failing. Trust me when I say this: I've played rather many games to know if this is worth it.

The monster pathing is rather weird (doesn't tell you where the minions move) and it can make you lose quickly because you have no idea where the monsters are coming to. think of it this way : 90% of the monsters go on top lane and 10% of them go on bottom lane. so you probably build your defenses accordingly at first. but then you notice that every wave is tougher and tougher, so the 10% of your defenses that are on bottom of the map gets up to 6 monsters out of about 15 per wave. Your 10% dmg defenses can't be upgraded unless you've been saving up fruits (you won't, because you have to perfectly upgrade everything with fruits and your "dance"). So you end up losing lives from that as well as from enemies you had no defenses ready for (think massive spider wave, you'll most likely not kill them all).

If you lose a single life you won't get a perfect score .. and without perfect score you won't unlock necessary things to get abilities that help you progress better. Maybe if you follow a guide so you don't spend so much time failing stages you can tel l everyone how easily you got through the game and how great it was.

7/10 buy it if you like to waste time learning enemy patterns
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